Why Use DocMatch?

A simple way to grow and optimize your practice

Patients have historically found your practice through word-of-mouth or referral networks. Unfortunately, patients have very little information about your practice before they visit you. Because of this, attrition rates and no-shows are higher than they have to be. With DocMatch, patients with a compatible personality that will value your unique practice and interests can find you online. This leads to reduced no-shows and better retention rates.

If you are considering marketing or advertising to grow your practice, please register with us. Docmatch is free for those who join now and will increase your online presence without having to invest in expensive online advertising and SEO. DocMatch will get your practice in front of the patients you can benefit the most. DocMatch does not require investing in integration of EMR or scheduling software so getting started is fast and easy. Just fill out our survey and list your preferred method for patients to contact you.

When patients find you with DocMatch, you can be confident you will have an enjoyable, productive relationship for years to come. See how DocMatch can improve care here.